how to get customer service faster

Tired of waiting to speak to a Customer Service Rep?

Please press 1# to continue in English.
Please press 2# to continue in Spanish.

Please press 0# to speak to an operator.

Please press 9# to hear the menu again.

Déjà vu, we have all been there multitasking while patiently waiting in a phone queue attempting to neglect the anti-climactic sounds passing for music berates our eardrums.

The wait time to speak to a Customer Service Representative (CSR) from your favourite brand is never the announced two minutes.   Some Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems have elegantly devised decision trees to get you the consumer the right answer in the minimal amount of time. Some IVRs can even call you back when it’s your turn.  Sweet!

But, what do you do if your beloved brand doesn’t have a smart IVR or online CSR chat help?  You can GET HUMAN!

Get Human is an online website that I discovered more than a decade ago that gets

“Your customer service issues, fixed faster.”

All you have to do is to enter the name of the company you are trying to contact for assistance and Get Human provides you with the IVR keys you need to press to circumvent the IVR decision tree to talk to a real live human CSR.

For example, a search for Verizon Fios will yield the following results, that shows you the keys you need to press to get to a Fios CSR faster!

Try it for yourself the next time you need to reach a company and don’t feel like listening to hold music.

Press “Comment” to leave a comment below and let us know about your adventure using Get Human.



2 thoughts on “Tired of waiting to speak to a Customer Service Rep?”

  1. choosenature982875141 – I lack confidence like us all, I lack certain emotional strengths like many of us. We all have our own stories and our own methodological approaches to life. But what’s important is that we share with others, our milestones and most importantly valuable knowledge. As without knowledge or without others we are left to our own domains. Life can seem enclosed and small. Words, and communication, nature and what’s left of the goodness in the world, is something in which we must all embrace. Not shy away from. I hope to inspire others and share what I myself am so very grateful and lucky to have been able to practice & experience through life. The world needs educating, it will always need educating on the specific topics I raise. People are changing, people are becoming smarter, stronger. We NEED alternatives, we NEED to remember that reliance on those who ‘know’. Isn't always the best thing to do. As improved and cautious individuals of our growing society. Let's take back nature’s right!

    Waw ! Can not wait to try this one out. I have serious anger and anxiety issues when waiting on the phone! lol

    1. Kirt Morris – I am a traveller, wanna be foodie, soccer fanatic and budding blogger with 18 years of experience in the information technology and marketing technology space. Originally from Trinidad & Tobago, now sheltering in place in Maryland, USA.

      It’s not 100% all the time because the companies change their systems. But get human is constantly updating their scripts based on feedback. Let me know how it works for you.


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