Word of the Week: Ganga Channa


The word of the week is a compilation of  Trinidadian sayings -phrases and words- used on the island.

  • Ganga Channa: A magical practice to make a lover remain faithful; a woman squats over a bowl of hot CHANA, lets her sweat drip into it, and gives it to the man to eat. See also SWEAT RICE.  (Ganga ‘Ganges river; water + chana).  The correct term [is] sweat rice, but channa (chickpeas [garbanzo] beans) are substituted for rice and Ganga refers to water, of whatever dubious origin.  This meal is served by a woman to the man that she wishes to cast a spell over. (Skettel.com 25 April 2001).
  • Sweat Rice: Rice into which a woman, given to a man to make him remain faithful.  Steam rice. “Sweat rice” was supposed to be one of the more potent aphrodisiacs employed to “tie” men.  Sweat rice: A meal of rice, which a woman prepares when she wants to trap a man.  The woman prepares this by squatting over steaming rice, and allowing her vaginal  juices to “sweat into the rice.”  (Skettel.com 25 April 2001).

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Source: Dictionary of the English/Creole of Trinidad & Tobago by Lise Winer


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