Coke cans that spell Fun.

I’d like to buy the world a toke.


Sales of soda have been dropping as customers look for healthier beverage alternatives. Coca-Cola has added diet sodas, flavoured waters, teas, and even milk to its product lines.

None of these alone has provided the sales boost the company needs. But, a new joint venture, might bring Coke back to its old position as a leader.

The beverage giant is in talks with Aurora Cannabis, a Canadian marijuana grower. Coke is weighing the possibilities of using the non-psychoactive compound in marijuana-CBD oil-in a “functional wellness beverage”.  The CBD concoction would not get consumers high but would help relieve pain.

The irony is that the original soda was developed by Confederate Colonel John Pemberton, a veteran wounded in the Civil War who had become addicted to morphine. The original recipe combined extract from the coca leaf with caffeine from the kola nut. In some vague way, history does repeat itself. Even more ironic is the fact that marijuana is now being looked at as more healthy than Coca-Cola.


Written by Margaret Pendleton & published with permission.

Featured Image by Don Daskalo on Unsplash



2 thoughts on “I’d like to buy the world a toke.”

  1. sharlamennell – I started this blog to share my thoughts on issues affecting my country. After starting this blog I have gone through sone major life changes and I had to take a break from writing to assess my thoughts, actions and beliefs. I was recently inspired to write again and will now include everyday issues and challenges that we all face at some point in our lives. I believe it is important to share their thoughts in a constructive manner that may inspire, help and/or motivate others. This will allow for stimulating conversation geared towards making is the best versions of ourselves.

    This will be interesting

    1. Kirt Morris – I am a traveller, wanna be foodie, soccer fanatic and budding blogger with 18 years of experience in the information technology and marketing technology space. Originally from Trinidad & Tobago, now sheltering in place in Maryland, USA.

      Indeed. All of a sudden cannabis is legal and cooperations are getting into the game.

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