Wreaths Across America @ Arlington National Cemetery a new Christmas tradition?

The “holiday” season is not at the top of my shortlist of favourite times of the year because the days get curtailed during the wintertime in Maryland and twilight descends onto the streets like a horde of locusts squeezing out the sun around five o’clock every night.

Christmas in the states is different from Christmas in Trinidad.  It’s chilly, clammy and cloudy instead of sunny and sultry with the scent of freshly painted houses floating in the thick Caribbean air.  But alas, over time I have grown accustomed to wading through the acts of the holiday season in Maryland buying gifts for kids and family that will caress the chaotic depths of their bedroom closets until they are discovered during spring cleaning the following year.

I yearn at times for the pulsating sounds of parang the unofficial music of the Trini Christmas scene and the smell of pastelles being prepared in tiny kitchens all over the island and washed down with sorrell. This is ah Trini Christmas!

Trini Christmas Song

Instead of focusing on giving gifts I believe we can all gain from engaging in our regional communities and giving back during the holiday period.  Today we accompanied several other thousand volunteers at a community event at Arlington National Cemetary  hosted by Wreaths Across America whose mission is to

our fallen U.S. veterans.
those who serve.
your children the value of freedom.

The most consequential gift you can produce this season to those around you is your time and attention!

Featured Image  by Matt Botsford on Unsplash

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