Is Santa real or fake?


Is Santa Claus real? The other day I asked a co-worker from India if he celebrates Christmas. His daughter Sasha had recently asked him if Santa was real. Not wanting to lie to his child, he told her the but asked her not to tell her classmates because it could make them feel sad. When her Grandmother visited later and asked Sasha “What is Santa bringing you?”, Sasha whispered to her Dad, “Do I have to lie to Grandma too?”

This little story kind of describes what Christmas is all about. Though Christmas is a religious holiday for some, it is not just for Christians. It has become a cultural phenomenon. We may all have our own expectations and they may differ as much as Sasha’s differ from her classmates. But beyond the scriptures, just as Sasha and her schoolmates may have differing beliefs, we can all celebrate with our friends and families and honour the spirit of giving.

Written by Margaret Pendleton & published with permission.

Photo by Mel Poole on Unsplash

Featured Image by  Samuel Holt on Unsplash

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