Thoughts From An Isolated Soul


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Lasana Philbert (Sana), poet of Thoughts of an Isolated Soul and Reflections: Life in Hindsight, is set to publish his third anthology. Poems titled, Introverted Thoughts. This time around, his writings centre more on his experience as an introvert and how he translates the world around him.

Thoughts of an Isolated Soul

His observations about ordinary life, politics, religion and race are poetically messed in a way that will make you ponder these matters differently. Moreover, Sana practices poetry to illuminate his perception of life and his synergies with people. As a consequence, readers will have an opportunity to obtain a varied perspective on reality itself.

Furthermore, some of his poems articulate society’s numerous afflictions. While others highlight his posture on religion and contemporary politics.

But the bulk of poems in this compilation illuminates the concealed perspectives of life—the stuff we neglect or take for granted. For instance, the fragility of life and how insignificant it can be for a materialistic person are some of the themes incorporated in this collection.

Sana’s third book reveals his maturity as a writer. Over the years, the author has experienced his work’s success in Dubai, Paris, and the United States. As a result, he has established himself as a low-profile but prolific writer and underground poet. He has consistently published quality poetry over the past four years while establishing his brand.

Poems: Introverted Thoughts

Introverted Thoughts – A Collection Of Poems

Sana will publish Introverted Thoughts in late December this year. If you appreciated his preceding poetry, this title is more delightful.

Copies of his previous releases are available on and all Barnes and Nobles outlets in the U.S.

For information about this Trinidad-born writer, author, and poet, follow him on Instagram and Facebook @poemsbysana and

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