What to Pack and Plan for an Overseas Backpacking Trip?


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Are you planning a backpacking trip? There is nothing quite as exciting as the idea of packing a bag and venturing to another country to see new and glorious sites. However, while many people like to travel with a predetermined agenda and stay in a hotel. Others like to rough it and take all of their belongings on their back and go from place to place by the seat of their pants. So, if you love the idea of backpacking on an overseas trip, then you will need to be prepared. Here at TriniInXisle, we love to show people how to have a good time, so we have some tips on what you should pack and how to prepare for your big backpacking trip.

Packing for Your Trip

Before you even begin to pack your bag, you need to first verify that you have an updated passport and that you locate it before your trip. If it is outdated, make an appointment for a new one now, as the process can sometimes take a while. When you go on your trip, keep all of your important documents in a safe place and always keep them on you. Another option is to scan or take a picture of your essential documents and email them to yourself.

While you may be limited on space in your backpack, you still want to bring at least a couple of shirts, a sweater, a jacket (depending on the season), and several pairs of shorts or pants. Don’t forget to bring extra socks, so you can double up on cold nights. We used the packing checklist from Rick Steven’s Italy 2020 guide book for our three-week trip in Italy and London. Since you have limited space in your backpack, you will need to do laundry along the way.

Since you never know where you will be when it comes time to rest, it is a good idea to pack a comfy sleeping bag and a few blankets. Do some research when it comes to the best travel blankets, as several brands, including Wise Owl and Arcturus, often have the most reliable and comfortable options.

Planning A Backpacking Trip: Where To Stay

If there is an affordable hotel or Airbnb along your route, then there is no reason not to stay there for a night. Many countries are famous for their hostels, as they are usually welcoming places that won’t bust your budget. Many even have free Wi-Fi and breakfast.

Planning A Backpacking Trip: Tips For Success

Regardless of where you are headed, there are general tips that can make your adventure easier. For starters, when it comes to getting to your destination, look for affordable flights. Don’t spend your whole budget on just getting to your destination. You can find inexpensive flights by booking many months in advance and trying discount websites like Skyscanner.

Also, when you are planning the trip, take the time to investigate travel insurance. Travel insurance, it can be a lifesaver when you need it most. Travel insurance often covers financial loss. It provides support if you sustain an injury or contract an illness during your trip.

While there are plenty of benefits of taking a soul-searching journey on your own, your backpacking trip will generally be more enjoyable if you take a friend or family member along for the journey. That way, you can rely on one another and provide moral support if things get tough.

So there you have it. Your beginner’s guide to backpacking in another country. If you want to get a feel for what your adventure may entail, then follow along with the TriniInXisle blog to see our travels through Italy! If you have other questions, then contact us here.

Written by Cody McBride for TriniInXisle

Featured Photo by Leo Foureaux on Unsplash

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