Crafting Funny Out-of-Office Messages


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Importance of taking breaks and communicating effectively

Out-of-office messages don’t have to be boring! As a professional who spends a substantial amount of time in front of a computer screen, I understand the significance of taking breaks and stepping away from work periodically.

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However, when I need to step away, I want to communicate effectively with anyone who may need to reach me during my absence. That’s why I’ve started crafting funny out-of-office messages that inform people of my unavailability and make them grin.

Experimenting with different types of out-of-office messages

Over the years, I’ve experimented with various kinds of out-of-office messages. I’ve tried everything from straightforward and professional to quirky and humorous. However, I’ve found that the most effective messages are the ones that stand out from the crowd and make people chuckle. After all, who doesn’t appreciate a good laugh, even when stuck at work?

Balancing humour and professionalism

Of course, it’s essential to balance humour and professionalism. You don’t want to come across as unprofessional or disrespectful to your colleagues or clients. But, by injecting a bit of humour into your out-of-office message, you can ensure that people remember you fondly and look forward to working with you again.

The benefits of creating funny out-of-office messages

Creating funny out-of-office messages has been a fun and creative way to let people know that I’m taking a break from work. It allows me to inject personality into my professional life and make people smile. Moreover, it helps to establish a positive and friendly relationship with my colleagues and clients.

Examples of funny out-of-office messages

If you’re looking for inspiration, here are a couple of out-of-office messages I’ve used in the past:

Auto-Responder Out-of-Office

Hello 👋 , 

Guess who is available on 📧 and who is *not*  on email until Monday?

Who is on email: Me, the  📧 auto-responder.

Who is mostly not on 📧 : Kirt.

Fun fact: Kirt and I never, EVER are on duty simultaneously. (Mind blown, right? 🤯 ) . Being an 📧 auto-responder is not a bad gig.

Upside: I spend most of my time sitting around, waiting for Kirt to take a vacation.

This is precisely what’s going on now! Thanks for swinging by!  More importantly, thanks for giving my life purpose and meaning!

I will be officially off duty on 04.03.2023 when Kirt returns.

If you have a DEI-related question, don’t hesitate to contact <name of contact > for related DEI items.

Your friend,

 📧 auto-responder (Repping Kirt)

ChatGPT Out-of-Office

Hey 👋!

I “outsourced” my out-of-office message to the latest viral artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot, ChatGPT 💬🤖.

Me: “Write a funny out-of-office haiku message.”

ChatGPT Response:

Out of office, I roam

Far from my desk, I find peace

Back on 02.27.2023

While I am out, check out

·     Our paper on Ethical AI

·     Our DEI commitments in our  2022 Global DEI Report

Pura Vida.


Save The Planet Out-of-Office

Hey 👋!

I am unplugged and on vacation, and so is my 💻. 

Why? Well, you can save on your electric bill while reducing your environmental impact if you shut down your computer. 

Unfortunately, I can’t respond to you if the planet’s gone!

But don’t fret – I’ll be back on 11/14.

Learn more ways we are saving energy and about our global DEI commitments in our :

1.       2022 Global DEI Report

2.       2021 Sustainability Report

Happy unplugging!


Mental Health Out-of-Office

Hey  👋!

<Company> is closed on October 10th in observance of World Mental Health Day.

Tips for taking care of your mental health:

·     Talk to someone you trust

·     Take care of your physical health

·     Do activities that you enjoy

·     Take two minutes to focus on the world around you

You are not alone on this journey. Be kind to your mind. 



Breathe Out-of-Office

Hey  👋!

Close your eyes.

Breathe in. Breathe out.

Picture yourself in the happiest place you can imagine.

A gentle breeze tickles your nose.

A butterfly whispers, “There is no meeting. There are no emails” over and over into your ear.

Now replace you with me. And I’ll be there until Tuesday, September 6th.



PTO Out-of-Office

Thank you for your email. I am currently on 🅿️ersonal Time Off (PTO).

I cannot handle your email until I return on Tuesday 22nd February. So, 🅿️lease be patient, I will  delete – respond- to your  📧 in the order it was received.

If your matter is urgent, please 📞 or text my 📱 XXX.XXX.XXXX



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