Capturing Caribana: A Day in the Life of Filmmaker Kourage


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During Caribana this past weekend, I had the privilege of observing the exceptional talent of Kourage, a skilled cinematographer, filmmaker, and photographer. His ability to connect with his audience was genuinely captivating, resulting in breathtaking footage. Kourage puts his heart and soul into every project, ensuring that everyone involved feels appreciated and at ease. 

Kourage’s passion for his craft and the vibrant culture it represents is undeniable. His expertise in capturing the lively rhythms of carnival is evident, and he strives to deliver impeccable shots that leave viewers breathless. He recently showcased his creativity and thoughtfulness by using confetti poppers to produce slow-motion action shots that left his clients in awe and created unforgettable memories. 

Kourage is committed to preserving the essence of the carnival in its most breathtaking form. He is a highly dedicated professional who takes his work seriously and continually seeks new ways to elevate it. His keen eye for the extraordinary ensures that his work is always exceptional. 

Kourage exhibits a superior work ethic. He regularly delivers captured footage to his clients promptly, sometimes within twenty-four hours. His passion and unwavering dedication to his craft are genuinely inspiring and undoubtedly have a lasting impact on all those who have commissioned him in the past.

Kourage from Favor Films


Caribana in Toronto is a vibrant and exhilarating celebration of Caribbean culture, with its heart rooted in the exuberant Trinidad carnival. For filmmaker Kourage of Favor Films, whose tagline is “You Gotta Have Kourage,” it takes dedication, passion, and creativity to capture the true essence of this dazzling event. Join us as we delve into a day in the life of Kourage, exploring the journey of how he seizes the spirit and joy of Trinidad carnival through his lens.

Preparing for Caribana

One cannot help but admire Kourage’s dedication to meticulous planning and preparation. His unwavering commitment to capturing every vibrant detail of the exciting carnival is genuinely remarkable. He invests considerable effort in ensuring he has all the necessary equipment to achieve his artistic vision. His foresight in bringing gimbals for stable footage and additional batteries for uninterrupted filming is a testament to his unwavering passion for his craft. Kourage’s attention to detail is an inspiration to all aspiring artists.

Embracing the Energy

We arrived at the parade grounds early, and Kourage was excited. He fully immersed himself in the vibrant atmosphere of Caribana at sunrise, immediately starting to capture B-Roll. The captivating rhythm of soca music, dazzling costumes, and energetic masqueraders inspired him to capture authentic and dynamic content. With his experience at carnival events worldwide, he effortlessly connects with the people participating in Caribana, creating powerful and unforgettable connections with his subjects.

Tribal Carnival

Commissioned and trusted with a paramount responsibility to document Tribal Carnival on the road in Caribana by Tribal’s CEO Celena. Kourage steps into the vibrant world of Tribal Carnival.

Celena Seusahai is now in charge of operating Tribal, a company previously founded by Dexter and Gail Seusahai.

TRIBAL CARNIVAL™ is one of this decade’s most successful International Carnival Mas Bands. Established in 2007, TRIBAL CARNIVAL™ has been contributing to carnivals parades around the world annually and is located in Canada. 

The Tribal band was accompanied by enchanting soca melodies spun by DJs Kevin from Toronto and DJ Freeze International from New York. The DJs set the road ablaze with their infectious beats, spinning a vibrant tapestry of sizzling soca music that gets hearts and hips swaying for Caribana Carnival.

Tribal outfitted their masqueraders with captivating costumes and energetic beats, fostering a welcoming and hospitable atmosphere for all on the parade route. They offered inclusive food and drinks and ensured everyone felt secure and protected.

Navigating the Crowds

Caribana draws thousands of attendees from all walks of life. Amidst the pulsating crowd, Kourage moves with agility and determination to seize the best angles. He embraces the chaos, turning it into an opportunity to capture candid moments and genuine emotions.

I also noticed numerous content creators shadowing Kourage and positioning themselves behind him while he records his content. They intend to emulate his style, often regarded as a form of admiration.

Showcasing the Culture

Beyond the glittering surface, Trinidad Carnival has a profound cultural significance. Kourage aims to portray the Caribbean community’s heritage, traditions, and unity through his work globally. He interviews participants, delving into their stories, and intertwines these narratives with captivating visuals. I didn’t observe any other content creators taking this approach.

Adapting to Change

Kourage, from Favor Films, faced a difficult challenge during the Caribana event. The parade was a vibrant display of colours and rhythms, but Kourage encountered obstacles that tested his determination and skills. 

Despite the scorching sun, Kourage worked tirelessly to capture every frame of the captivating spectacle. He manoeuvred through the pulsating crowd of exuberant revellers and bravely stood alone on the sizzling black stage, committed to capturing every moment of Caribana’s splendour. 

With unwavering commitment, Kourage emerged as a true hero of the lens, triumphing over every obstacle in his path. Through sheer determination and unparalleled devotion, he successfully captured the heart and soul of Caribana.

As Kourage exited the parade stage, I gained a deeper appreciation for the bravery required to capture the exuberant carnival moments. In essence, “You gotta have Kourage!”


After enduring a long and challenging journey of over twelve miles. In the blazing heat. For more than twelve hours, we persevered. Kourage was rewarded with capturing numerous gigabytes of significant content.

In closing, fueled by dedication, courage, and a fervent passion for storytelling, filmmaker Kourage from Favor Films embarks on an extraordinary journey. His lens captures the essence of the Trinidad carnival at Caribana in Toronto—unveiling this remarkable celebration’s spirit, joy, and vibrant culture. Through his innate ability to connect with people, embrace the cultural tapestry, and seamlessly adapt to the festivities, Kourage crafts visuals that effortlessly transport viewers to the beating heart of this spectacular event.

“You Gotta Have Kourage”.

Check him on on Instagram @FavorFilms

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