I WAS Afraid

Advertisements Recently I was asked to speak at two company events where over five thousand participants joined via a Zoom conference. I was afraid.

California Consumer Privacy Act: What Is It?

Advertisements The California Consumer Privacy Act, also known as CCPA, will take effect on January 1st 2020. The CCPA will allow consumers that live and reside in California only the following three (3) fundamental rights:

Who say big man doh cry?

Advertisements Gargamel also known as Mark Anthony Myrie was released from United States prison and finally returned to Jamaica on December 7th.  The sounds of Gargamel filled my two speaker tape deck during my college years driving the University of Maryland Shuttle Bus at the University of Maryland College Park.  “Have mercy…hear wah happen”

4 tips, travel like a pro.

Any business traveller knows he/she should be prepared for socialising with the novice civilian travelers like the Disney and the beach vacation types while on a trip.

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