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Welcome to my site and blog!

My name is Kirt Morris, and I am the father of two boys with a distinguished 18-year career defining the strategies to deliver value-driven solutions to enterprise organisations and drive revenue growth for Ernst & Young, Cap Gemini Ernst & Young and Merkle.

  • A results-driven delivery leader with proven success in gathering and defining requirements, formulating delivery approaches, defining end-to-end architectures, and driving the on-time and within budget delivery of innovative solutions with strong ROI.
  • Strategic analyst and problem solver with proven ability to partner with clients and teams to analyse, design, and implement large-scale, sophisticated customer relationship management, business intelligence, and supply chain systems to support business transformation, customer engagement and retention, business/market growth, and cost reduction goals.
  • Strong partner to sales teams in introducing and advocating value-proposition of solutions and services, developing key relationships with clients, and capturing referenceable accounts.
  • Effective team leader credited with motivating, empowering, and leading onshore/offshore teams in achieving established financial, delivery, and quality goals that have resulted in optimal client satisfaction and growth.

I am a traveller, wanna be foodie, soccer fanatic and a budding blogger. Originally from Trinidad & Tobago, now sheltering in place in Maryland, USA.

TriniInXisle (Trini’s in Exile) was a creative idea born in 1994 but finally realised in 2012. TriniInXisle was founded to promote Trinbago culture,connect Trini’s living aboard to share Trinbago culture beyond the Caribbean diasporas in their local communities. Carnival is Trinidad’s most famous export; but TriniInXisle’s mission is to speak to the culture of our people, the diversity of our traditions and the milieu of culinary options the islands offer.

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