Father and children

Who that is? Jus’ my baby daddy!

As you celebrate Father’s Day today, remember the [approximately] two million single fathers living with their children under age of 18; 17% of single parents in the United States are men.  As of 2016:


Do you have the FoMO?

Deep in the murky underbelly of the internet lives the felicitous unicorn realm of Facebook, SnapChat, Youtube, Twitter, and Instagram with its diverse users meticulously curating their best life; one pulchritudinous selfie at a time.

Who you “Loving” today?

Just envision an era where who you loved was an arrest-able malfeasance in the United States.

“I’m just like my country”

Long before the Caribbean was re-discovered by Cristóbal Colón –think Columbus day- the region was home to Caribs and Arawaks.

Did you know…?

June is Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Pride Month (LGBT Pride Month)?