Red Trinidad Baseball Cap


  • Adjustable Velcro Back Closure, Great Fit For All Head Sizes
  • 100% Cotton Made. Lightweight / Durable / Smooth
  • Fabric: Cotton Denim Fabric (single Layer)

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Red Trinidad Baseball Cap

The red Trinidad baseball cap is a staple that you will want to have in your closet now!

Trinidad Colours Baseball Cap

Are you Trini-2-D-🍖?

Here is your chance to represent the Red.White.Black.

Do you want to present Trinidad & Tobago at your next event?

Then you need to get these Trinidad & Tobago flag caps!

Shop Now.

Trinidad and Tobago Flag Description:
The flag of Trinidad and Tobago consists of a red base with an off-centred black diagonal stripe originating in the top left corner and running across the flag. The black stripe is bordered on both sides by a thin white stripe.

Trinidad and Tobago Flag Meaning:

Together, the colours represent earth, water and fire, which connect the nation’s people to the past present and future.

  • The red base represents the vigour of the land in Trinidad and Tobago, the friendliness and courage of its people, and the sun.
  • In addition, black represents the unity and strength of the people, as well as the natural wealth of the country.
  • In conclusion, white represents the surrounding sea and the purity and equality of all people under the sun.

Trinidad and Tobago Flag History:
The flag of Trinidad and Tobago was adopted on August 31, 1962, when Trinidad and Tobago gained independence from Britain.

Interesting Trinidad and Tobago Flag Facts:
The Trinidad and Tobago Independence Committee in 1962 designed the Trinidad & Tobago flag.

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