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Capturing Caribana: A Day in the Life of Filmmaker Kourage

Join Kourage from Favor Films on a scorching Caribana shoot, battling overheating cameras & the black stage, capturing vibrant moments like no other.

Moko Jumbie

Trini Phrase: Moko Jumbie

Performing Moko Jumbie requires incredible skill and athleticism. The performers, called Moko Jumbies, walk on stilts that can be up to nine feet tall, and they often wear brightly colored costumes and headdresses. The movements of the Moko Jumbies are graceful and fluid, and they are accompanied by music and dance.

Trinidad Queen of Carnival Costume

Canboulay and the History of Carnival

Discover the history of the Canboulay Riots of 1881 in Trinidad, a pivotal moment in the struggle for the recognition and preservation of African culture and traditions. Learn how the riots paved the way for modern Trinidadian Carnival and continue to inspire cultural heritage preservation today. #CanboulayRiots #TrinidadianCulture #CulturalHeritage

Trinidad Blue Devi for Jouvert

Trini Phrase: Jouvert

Jouvert / Jouvay is one of Trinidad and Tobago’s most exciting and unique cultural celebrations. It is a pre-dawn street party during Carnival and is a must-see event for anyone visiting the island during this time. In this blog post, we will explore what Jouvert is about, the history behind the celebration, and what to …

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