trinidad slang

Lipay Cow Dung

Trini Phrase: Lipay

Advertisements Floor washing -lipay- with gobar cow-dung is still done is some ordinary houses, but the special treatment of cows and bulls with a herbal mixture pakheba is almost forgotten.

Trini Phrase: Bus Carbide

Advertisements While growing up in Mayaro, my grandparents neighbour was a welder by trade. His children frequently used to bus carbide during the holiday season.

Trini Phrase: Whe-Whe

Advertisements The abominable Whe-Whe is in full operation for many weeks in the Chinese quarter (Upper French Street) of Port-of-Spain, Trinidad.

Trini Phrase: Boboli

Advertisements A Boboli in Trinidad and Tobago is typically a person who allows another to beat him up, misuse him or make a fool of him.

Trini Phrase: Maco

Advertisements Everybody in Trinidad knows somebody that is a maco. What kind of Trini maco are you? Take the poll below:

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