trinidad slang

Trini Phrase: Under Bamboo

Advertisements A Hindu couple were declared, in Trinidad and Tobago to be “married under bamboo“, and the union had no constitutional standing whatsoever.

Trini Phrase: Chupid

Advertisements In Trinidad, the adjective chupid is used all the time in situations of great consternation. This week the pandemic Corona Virus (COVID-19) has highlighted the lapse in leadership and chupidees in our midsts.

Trini Phrase: Negre Jardin

Advertisements With the exception of a few fights between rival bands or Negre Jardins…the masqueraders were, on the whole, more amusing than anything else.

Trini Phrase: Merikan

Advertisements A group of black settlers and their descendants who fought with the British against the United States in 1812 were called Merikans.

Trini Phrase: Maharajin

Advertisements Don’t cry, maharajin. You is a good woman! As he came up the steps, he shouted. ‘How you feeling these days, maharajin? Is me, Chittaranjan, the goldsmith.’

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