trinidad slang

Woman with finger on her lips

Word of the Week: Say Prunes

Mih mother lookin’ like she cyar say prunes, but doh mash she big toe! She will cuss you out for so!

Clown face with multi colored hat and ite

Trini Phrase: Kunumunu

Only one thing to keep a man out whole night and that is woman. what you take me for, a coonoomoonoo?

Medieval Soldier in armour with sword and shield

Trini Phrase: Bad John

You playin’ bad-john! Take care I bust a lash in your ass and make you coil up like a old snake here tonight.

Red Candel in the dark.

Trini Phrase: Light Candle

‘What you think I should do?’ ‘Obeah,’ Clarkie said and laughed. ‘Put something on his head. Light a candle.’

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