Why I Started TriniInXisle?

Advertisements As most of you know, my name is Kirt Morris, and I am the owner of Trini In Xisle. What you may not know is the origin story, and why I started TriniInXisle.

Work of the Week: Jhorts.

Advertisements Jorts, jhorts, draughts  (n):  Food, especially snacks or refreshments. If you see, endless jorts. Right in front of his place, he has the big lawn tennis court where prospective clients or investors could talk it over…cuffing down their liquor and small jorts.

Word of the Week: Parang

Advertisements Parang (n) :  A traditional Venezuelan-derived type of singing, sometimes improvisational, on religious themes, usually entirely in Spanish, performed around Christmas, in house-to-house carolling or while visiting friends. (Spanish parranda ‘serenading; going out and singing; having a good time’) I myself buy rum for when the neighbours come over, and when the parang pass playing the quatros …

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Trini Phrase: Tonnere

Tonnay! Now we have two Justices on the supreme court with prior sexual assault allegations.

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