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Trini Phrase: Waving Gallery

  • Waving Gallery (n):  An area of the former airport building at Piarco Trinidad, where people waiting for arriving passengers could see and wave to them as they came in. 
    • We stand up in the waving gallery and watch you pulling your bag, I could imagine how your hand feeling. (Doh Say Dat, TG, 15 Sept 1991:13)

Trini Phrase: Doux-Doux

  • Doudou, doodoo, doux-doux (n): Sweetness; sweetie; a term of affectionate endearment, usually used to females. (French doux ‘sweet’; such repetition is common in French Creole, but some reduplicated forms of doux, including as a term of affection, are historically found in the east and north-east of France, Aud-Buscher 1989:13; also possibly Yoruba dun ‘is sweet’ = dood(s).
    • “Ah…done tell mih wifey wot to do when I die.  Ah tell she, ‘Doo-Doo gyul, when I die, please bury min wit’ a bottle in each hand” (Sweetbread, Express 21 July  1982:42).

Word of the Week: Jam-cram

  • Jam-cram  (adj):  Crowded; packed usually with people. (English jam ‘press, squeeze or crowd together in a compact mass; force together’ + English cram ‘fill to excess’) = ram-cram, ram-jam.
    • Everybody was jam-cram in the North Stand.
      • North Stand: During Carnival, a temporary spectators’ gallery erected on the north side of the big stage in Queen’s Park Savannah.  I remember fondly going to many ah carnival events in the North Stand with fellas beating bottle and spoon.  North Stand is often considered the place for common folk while the Grand Stand is reserved for the “who’s, who” of Trinidad.
      • Queen’s Park Savannah is a park in Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago. Known locally as simply “the Savannah,” it is Port of Spain’s largest open space. It occupies about 260 acres (110 ha)[1] of level land, and the distance around the perimeter is about 2.2 mi (3.5 km).

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Source: Dictionary of the English/Creole of Trinidad & Tobago by Lise Winer

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