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Santimanitay - Jesus On A Cross

Trini Phrase of the Week: Santimanitay

Sandimanitay, sans humanité, sandemanetay, santimanitay (n): A traditional Kalinda and Calypso challenge refrain. (French sans humanité ‘without mercy’). None of the bands sang any properly composed songs, most of t the songs having a jingle of words uttered with lightning-like rapidity and ending with the monotonous sans humanité.

Quelbe African Lady Dancing

Trini Phrase: Quelbe

Quelbe, quelba, quilbay 1 (n): A kind of African dance possibly of Congo origin, comprising songs, drumming and dances performed by women. As late as 1940 on the hills in Charlotteville at nights one could hear the music of Congo women playing what villagers called Congo-drum (marli doun-doun) and tambour-bamboo…and dancing quelbe reputed to be …

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Orisha Diety

Word of the Week: Orisha

Shouter Baptist Religion in Trinidad and Tobago Orisha (n):  An African religion, mostly of Yoruba origin, known also as SHANGO, based on the worship of numerous ORISHA (deities), who also have Catholic counterparts.  Worship includes spirit possession, drumming, dancing, chanting, and animal sacrifice. Severely represses at times during the past, it has survived, and is …

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Doll face with evil eyes

Trini Phrase: Maljo

Understanding Maljo: The Trinidadian Belief in the Evil Eye Maljo, (n): Evil eye; the belief that a conscious or unconscious look of envy or ill will harm someone. This belief is found in various cultures and has different names, such as French Creole malzie, Spanish mal de’ evil eye’, Yoruba fi ‘put eye on, Igbo …

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