Coming out of the dark

My name is Kirton Morris, and I suffer from anxiety and depression.   For many months now I've contemplated writing about my "condition" but was afraid of the stigma associated with mental health in our society.  I thought to myself what would people think, how would they react, how would I be treated in my personal…

Lime Lingo

Rum jumbie, bound fo drunk every Friday when limin by de rum shop in Couva.

Pedophile Priests

As Catholics, we believe that the Church’s teaching on human nature and sexuality is life-giving and leads to holiness. We believe that just as there is no room for adultery in marriages, so there is no room for adultery against the Bride of Christ.

Trini Talk Today: Kakalaylay

Make the bam-bam bounce, kakalaylay! Move it, move it.

Strawberries and black berries in a bowl

Now I see the light.

"Suicide is a leading cause of death in the US. Suicide rates increased in nearly every state from 1999 through 2016. "

Trini Talk Today: Kaka-Nay

Sweet gyul and them limin' by de corner doh like no kaka-nay man!

Word of the Week: One to Go!

Arima bus route, only one to go!

Mama D'Leau Trinidad Folklore character.

Trini Talk Today: Mama D’Leau

Imagine his surprise when he bounce up Mama Dlo, Papa Bois and La gahoo by the river!