trini phrases

Trini Phrase: Doux-Doux

Yuh know you are true Trini if, among a long list of other things… You’ve called someone (or been called) chunka-lunks, thick ting, family (even if she’s not remotely related to you!) doo-doo, dahlin’, reds, breds, horse or partner.

Crab walking on Sand

Trini Phrase: If crab walk

If a man shows no enterprise they say “If crab don’t walk, he no get fat.” The answer to this is: “If he walk too much he go go’ a pot no?

Spinning Top

Lime Lingo: Dance Top In Mud

You people want to build a little India of your own in Trinidad. You are trying to dance top in mud. It can not be done.  The difficulty lies in the fact that you are too much of a majority to assimilate, too much of a minority to dominate

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