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The gift of “Gab”. Free Speech v Hate Speech?

Liberty of speech is a hallmark of the American democracy and the discussion over free speech and hate speech and an individual’s right to each is presumably going to be exasperated over the coming weeks after the hate crimes in Jeffersontown, Kentucky; the 13 pipe bombs discovered in the mail and the killings in Pittsburg, PA.

American Indian

The Pinta, Niña, Santa Maria…

As a kid in Trinidad, the first time I heard the idea of Columbus “discovering” the Americas challenged was by my Caribbean History teacher Askia Amon Rah!  Decades later, I will come to appreciate the magnitude and the significance of what he was trying to teach us!

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Why did it take so long? Aftermath of Kavanaugh.

After following the #KavanaughHearings yesterday and hearing the predilections of numerous individuals challenging the efficacy of Dr Ford’s declaration the recurring question being asked is “Why did it take so long for her to come forward?”.

Origins: Garden Boyzs & Wynns

Welcome to part three in the Origins series.  If you haven’t done so already, it’s best to get caught up on Origins: Early Life and Origins: PeeWee before you get started because the story is best devoured in chronological order.  Now onto the entertainment!

Pedophile Priests

Full disclaimer: I am not a practising Catholic, and I am not a devotee of established religion; my views herein are intrinsically biased.