Strawberries and black berries in a bowl

Now I see the light.

The Coming Out of the Dark post was better accepted than I anticipated.  Originally, I wasn’t sure what to expect but the feedback experienced was overwhelmingly positive. Acknowledgements to all the folks that reached out via email, calls, and text with words of reassurance.

Kid sitting reading a book by a tree at sunset

Origins: Pee Wee

This blog entry is second in the Origin series and chronicles my story from Trinidad & Tobago the Victory street years, and is best understood in chronological sequence.   If you haven’t already done so, read the first entry Origins: Early Life to get caught up.

Origins: Early Life

For quite some time I have been envisioning leaving a legacy for my boys.  Concepts swirling in my cortex are a cookbook with all their favourite eats that I’ve made over the years or a short story anthology of my life in Trinidad along with my eventual migration to America.

For the love of the game.

Oh, the beautiful game.  For as long as I can remember football (soccer) has been a part of my DNA.

African American Museum Washington DC

National African American Musuem

On a sultry Washington, D.C. summer day we are waiting in queue for the individual ticket allotment to the African American history museum.  The uncomfortable heat is a small cost to pay for the opportunity to see the antiquities of our ancestors.