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Trinidad Carnival a mi·sog·y·nist culture?

I am a 🇹🇹 by birth, but I currently live in Maryland, 🇺🇸. I still, however, acknowledge Trinidad and Tobago and its culture as home and the space in which I feel most comfy. One of Trinidad’s most renowned commodities is Trinidad Carnival and thousands congregate on the island every year for the annual festivities.

Dr. King's Monument in Washington DC

Martin Luther King Jr. and the long walk to freedom.

Earlier this week on January 15, 2019, Martin Luther King Junior would have turned 90 if his life hadn’t been abruptly ended by an assassin on April 4, 1968. In 2019, MLK Jr. day is being observed for the first time by the company I work for and the company is urging employees to engage in a National Day of Service in recognition of MLK’s life and legacy. The company’s acknowledgement for me is both a sign of momentum and anxiety in the comprehensive dialogue about Diversity & Inclusion in America.

Uber and Lyft on mini toy cars.

Uber lifts you up

On the road again this week for 🧳, the standard round trip between Baltimore and Long Island.  As I have wrinkled, the modernity of travel has depreciated quite a bit.

Present wrapped in brown paper with a gift tag.

Is Santa real or fake?

Is Santa Claus real? The other day I asked a co-worker from India if he celebrates Christmas. His daughter Sasha had recently asked him if Santa was real. Not wanting to lie to his child, he told her the truth, but asked her not to tell her classmates because it could make them feel sad. When her Grandmother visited later and asked Sasha “What is Santa bringing you?”, Sasha whispered to her Dad, “Do I have to lie to Grandma too?”

Is Santa Claus real? Ho! Ho! Ho!

This little story kind of describes what Christmas is all about. Though Christmas is a religious holiday for some, it is not just for Christians. It has become a cultural phenomenon. We may all have our own expectations and they may differ as much as Sasha’s differ from her classmates. But beyond the scriptures, just as Sasha and her schoolmates may have differing beliefs, we can all celebrate with our friends and families and honour the spirit of giving.

Written by Margaret Pendleton & published with permission.

Photo by Mel Poole on Unsplash

Featured Image by  Samuel Holt on Unsplash

Wreaths Across America @ Arlington National Cemetery a new Christmas tradition?

The “holiday” season is not at the top of my shortlist of favourite times of the year because the days get curtailed during the wintertime in Maryland and twilight descends onto the streets like a horde of locusts squeezing out the sun around five o’clock every night.