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Trinidad Mermaid

Trini Folklore: Mermaids

There be mermaid here and Leviathan, great residents of the underwater. Amongst the writhing tides and white-capped blue-green waters, just where the Caribbean Sea reaches the Atlantic Ocean.

Phantom in the forest

Trini Folklore: Phantom

Phantom (n) A folklore character; a very tall, misty white figure who stands at crossroads, and traps those who pass between his legs. Then there were phantom – the headless spectre with extremely long legs that grip his victims in a death squeeze (Ahye 1983:45). Even our mighty phantoms have found themselves confused with the …

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kote-si kote-la

Trini Phrase: Koté-si Koté-la

Koté-si Koté-la, coté-ci coté-la (phr): Gossip usually of the amusing kind or [used as an adjunct] And so on and so forth; etcetera. Look I ain[‘t] wan[t] to be in dis coté-ci coté-la, yo[u] see! All dis dem sa[y] he sa[y] ain'[t] fo[r] me.

Trini Phrase: Doux-Doux

Yuh know you are true Trini if, among a long list of other things… You’ve called someone (or been called) chunka-lunks, thick ting, family (even if she’s not remotely related to you!) doo-doo, dahlin’, reds, breds, horse or partner.

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