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Trini Folklore: Buck

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The buck (n) an aboriginal Indian native of Guyana. A Guyana Amerindian locally generally refers to the Guarahoon tribe, living in Venezuela and sometimes Guyana. (English buck ‘a man, applied to native Indians of South America’ probably Dutch bok ‘he-goat’) Warahoon.

First, the Buck is some of the most powerful people in magic who live on the Venezuelan shore…they are called Warahun. In Trinidad, however, the Warao are called “Warrahoons” or “Guaranos,” and various spellings are given for each of these words. These Amerindians from across the sea in the Orinoco Delta of Venezuela. The Warao crossed the delta by canoe not only to trade for tobacco

Buck Folklore

Secondly, as with other folklore in Trinidad and Guyana, a “Buck” is also a little or short man who is kept and used by people to gain monetary success. They are spirits of small stature with sharp teeth and long claws, believed to possess magical powers. This is a common folklore character in Trinidad and Tobago that is often referred to mainly in cases where businesses or persons gain ultimate success in a short amount of time.

The owners of these creatures must provide them with food and shelter to keep them under their control. In exchange, the Buck will perform evil deeds beneficial to its owner and make them very wealthy. Bucks are fed milk and bananas at fixed times and is said to be kept either in a bottle or the attic of the owner’s house.

I remember growing up in Arima; people used to say that Maharaj grocery store owners on King Street had a one because their grocery business grew pretty quickly. Folks used to tell the Maharaj’s kept the buck hidden in the grocery store.

Other Trinidad folklore characters include: The Phantom, Mama D’Leau, Douen and La Jabless.

In conclusion, the Buck as been stopped by an American exorcist according to the Trinidad Guardian Newspaper.


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