Trini Talk Today: Kakalaylay

Make the bam-bam bounce, kakalaylay! Move it, move it.

Trini Talk Today: Kaka-Nay

Sweet gyul and them limin' by de corner doh like no kaka-nay man!

Mama D'Leau Trinidad Folklore character.

Trini Talk Today: Mama D’Leau

Imagine his surprise when he bounce up Mama Dlo, Papa Bois and La gahoo by the river!

Trinidad folklore Laga-hoo

Trini Talk Today: Loup Garou

Say your prays before you go to bed, otherwise La Gah Whooo will tief you head!

Trinidad Folklore Douen

Trini Talk Today: Douen

Annie said that douens took away little babies when their parents were not around.

Kid sitting reading a book by a tree at sunset

Origins: Pee Wee

Arima Boy's R.C. school and beyond.

Trinidad folklore Papa Bois

Trini Talk Today: Papa Bois

Papa Bois, the king of the forest in Trinidad.