“Somebody say (Sokah till I die)”

Nailah Blackman, the granddaughter of the late Lord Shorty aka Ras Shorty I  recently launched a single “SOKAH” with its catchy chorus lines and gyrating waistline will make any winer boy want to “wine”.

No friends “wine” is not the alcoholic refreshment but instead, the uniquely  Trini dance of making a rhythmic, gyrating pelvic movement, sometimes overtly sexual, while dancing to Sokah.

Somebody say (Sokah till I die)
Somebody say (Sokah give me life)
Somebody say (Sokah)
Keep it playing (so loud)
We don’t even know (’bout)
Anything but (Sokah, Sokah)

Sokah, Soca, Kaiso, Calypso is autochthonous to Trinidad and Tobago and is a “type of music with a 2/2, 4/4 or combination rhythm” and is typically performed in the weeks leading up to Carnival before the beginning of Lent.

At the end of the 19th century, the language of calypso began switching from Patois to English but Sokah continues to grow yearly into various genres such as Soca-Chutney, Soca-Parang and Ragga-Soca.

Today’s Sokah artists such as Bunji Garlin aka The Viking, Machel Montano aka Double M, Nailah and Destra are producing their own sounds which is launching Sokah forward into new markets.

Sokah till you die!

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