Pedophile Priests

Full disclaimer: I am not a practising Catholic, and I am not a devotee of established religion; my views herein are intrinsically biased.

I think as Catholics we are all complicit in the lasting exposure of paedophile priest abusing their power and authority to molest minors.  We’ve all heard the stories and hints in our parishes and have done nothing to investigate the stories of the abused.

I spent my early years in an all-boys Catholic school in Arima, and the rumours were prevalent then as they are now in 2018.

As parents, we have a commitment to defend our children, and the circumstances in the Grand Jury Report are repugnant, immoral and inhumane.

The Catholic Church has a history of human rights violations throughout its antiquity, and I am afraid centuries from now this latest scandal will just be a blemish on the epidermis of the shroud of the Church. Speak up to power and order action, to initiate change in your local parishes.

“You are the shepherds of the Church, if you do not act, evil will go unchecked.”


Drops mic, steps down from the soapbox.

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