Uber and Lyft on mini toy cars.

Uber lifts you up

On the road again this week for 🧳, the standard round trip between Baltimore and Long Island.  As I have wrinkled, the modernity of travel has depreciated quite a bit.

The hotel and airline premium points are no longer an adequate motivator for toiling away on the road particularly as the holidays advance.

Instead, now I 👀 forward to the Uber trips and the anecdotes of each driver. Hereinafter is a recap of my most current Uber journeys.


[Wednesday, December 19 – ISP to Hotel]

Shahid formerly from 🇮🇳 has subsisted in the big 🍎 for 26 years. The last time he has been back home to India was 15 years ago. His whole family lives on Long Island but he wants to move to North Carolina because he can barely afford the $2000 in rent he’s currently paying for his wife and 3 kids. Very pleasant gentleman that’s the sole 🍞 winner for his family and is working 70 to 80 hours per week to support them.  Shahid’s brother recently passed away and he’s trying to decide if to prosecute the hospital for wrongful death. His story lifted me up because he was humble, gracious and seemed to be living his best life given his current trials.



[Wednesday, December 9 – ISP to Hotel]

Jay in his fresh Honda Odyssey came to the 🇺🇸 14 years ago seeking sanctuary and has worked various odd jobs while waiting for his documents to come. Jay’s original career goal was to become a dentist but dropped out of med school when his daughter was born to support his family. He is recently divorced and has vowed off dames for the rest of his life. Jay is still supporting his daughter from his aborted marriage but indicates a recent paternity test has indicated he’s not the father. Jay is 🤔 and not sure what his next move should be. He’s determined to take some time off and head to the 🇬🇧 for several months.  Jay’s story also lifted me up because I was able to give him guidance from the lessons I discovered when my own marriage faded. 


[Thursday, December 20 – Farmingdale, NY to Hotel]

John was a youthful soul in an “old body”. John originally from Queens, NY now lives with his mom and 🐶 Coco on Long Island. He has a physical impediment and receives disability from the state. John drives both Uber and Lyft to supplement his income. I asked John why does he drive instead of just receiving the disability check? His answer was, ” I love the people! I drive because of the people.” He’d mentioned he worked from 6:30 AM on Wednesday to midnight because he was saving up to purchase his mom a Christmas present. John’s mother is gradually losing her eyesight and hearing, and he was saving up to buy her a 32 inch 📺 so she can discern the closed caption on a larger screen. John’s story lifted me up because he still believed in the good of people and was prepared to sit in a car numerous hours a day and trade personal stories.

The stories of these gentlemen lifted me up this week because it proffered perspective! Life is not absolute but we should always be appreciative for our current situation. Side note: If you schedule your Uber rides in advance you get 10% towards your next ride.

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