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Trini’s Livin’ In Xisle: Dr Lisa Rampersad

The series titled Trini’s Livin’ In Xisle is meant to highlight the narratives, experiences and achievements of Trinidadians and Tobagonians residing overseas. The purpose of this series is to showcase these Trinbagonians and share their enunciated stories with the world!

Trinidad Immigrants (Trini’s In Xisle)

In 2017, it is estimated 235,000 persons migrated from Trinidad and Tobago to the United States, with the majority of these new Trini’s Livin’ In Xisle were “likely to be employed in management, business, science, and arts occupations (37 percent). For many Trinidadians leaving the island is a conundrum because it affords an opportunity for individual progression but at times at a personal sacrifice. Having to assimilate into a new culture is never easy especially a new culture where your racial identity is paramount to how you are perceived by the larger community.

According to the United Kingdom Office for National Statistics, approximately 12,000 Trinbagonians migrated to the UK between 1975 and 2000.


Dr Rampersad: A Trini Livin’ In Xisle

Dr Lisa Rampersad is a clinical fellow in Surgery living in Brighton, UK. She was born in Chaguanas, Trinidad and, after completing her BSc in Biochemistry & Zoology at UWI St Augustine, went on to complete her MBBS at the University of Guyana. She completed her foundation training in the UK and is currently pursuing surgical training, completing a Masters in Surgery, and holds 2 regional positions within the British Medical Association. Currently, she is enjoying the expat life, sharing the culture and foods of T&T in the UK and beyond.

For more about Dr Rampersad, you can find her on Twitter @lsrampersad.

Here is her brief profile:

  • Name: Dr Lisa Rampersad
  • Migrated from Trinidad: 24
  • Earliest memory of Trinidad: Sitting with my siblings (4 of us at the time) and my mom in a circle in the kitchen. She had a bowl of pelau that she marked into 4 portions and was feeding us all in a row. I remember chewing hurriedly in anticipation of the next spoonful. She was (and still is) a working mother and had to make sure all of us were well fed and came up with this surefire way to feed us all and reduce mess!
  • Misses most about Trinidad: The food. The internet connects us well – I can call up anyone I want to talk to at any time, so while I do miss my family and friends I can catch up. But what the internet fails to do is bring me a freshly made doubles and ah solo apple J, or Richard’s bake & shark, or even sugar cake and toolum (plus all the Divali/Eid/Christmas food)… definitely the food
  • What are you most afraid of right now: The state of the world and rising overt racism. I know, this is a weird answer, but I work in the National Health Service in the United Kingdom and while I haven’t had any abuse, I’ve heard it directed at colleagues. The current political climate encourages it (racism) and I am so afraid for the future. I used to love talking to people about my Country as a racially diverse place where we don’t care what you are, but Trini social media seems to be proving me wrong.
  • The happiest moment of your Life: I can’t pick a happiest moment but my most content moment was in 2012 sitting with my Partner at Kaieteur Falls and watching the falls at sunrise. The thousands of birds that live behind the falls flying out into the new day as the sun peaked over the rainforest was one of the most blissful moments in memory.
  • The saddest moment of your life: Losing a very good friend.
  • Who is the most influential person in your life: My mother – This woman is amazing. Raised 6 children and built her business from scratch (with my father).
  • Do you plan on returning to Trinidad to live and why: Right now, I have no long term plans to live anywhere. I would love to have a place in Trini – as, in my own house, my parents’ house is always home no matter how long I’m gone. I haven’t finished exploring the world yet but, I eat plenty cascadura so, you know what the folklore says.

How to Enter?

Do you want to be featured in the Trini’s Livin’ In X-isle series? Participation only requires five (5) minutes of your time to complete the 10-question survey @ http://bit.ly/Trinis-In-X-Isle

In conclusion, if you are interested in participating or know of other Trinidadians living abroad; share the survey http://bit.ly/Trinis-In-X-Isle link. You can subscribe to this blog to see future Trini’s Livin’ In X-isle stories.

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