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With the rise of remote work, exploring a new place is easier while keeping your day job. All it takes is a computer and an internet connection, and you can join the digital nomads flocking to these U.S. cities. Here are some excellent cities to explore, courtesy of Trini in Xisle.

Best Cities for Digital Nomads

Orlando, Florida

People are moving to the Sunshine State to enjoy beautiful weather and low taxes. Conveniently situated in Central Florida, Orlando puts workers close to burgeoning industries, such as aerospace and biotech, and entertainment and attractions, including Disney World. Florida also has a comparatively lower cost of living than other cities in the U.S., making it a great option if you want to get the most bang for your hard-earned buck. Orlando sports a range of architectural styles in its housing stock. So whether it be the Mediterranean in Bay Hill, a bungalow in College Park, or a Tudor in Sanford, you can find the abode that best suits your taste.

Tempe, Arizona

From the daily temperatures to the growing economy, Tempe is hot in more ways than one. If you’re a digital nomad, especially one looking to start their own business, you can benefit from an influx of highly skilled workers. You’re also close to Arizona State University, which opens up an additional talent pipeline. And you can find the perfect apartment or rental unit before you make the big move. Establish your budget and filter results based on your needs, such as the number of bedrooms, pet-friendliness, and a host of other criteria.

Dallas, Texas

Few places in the U.S. have seen the explosive growth that Dallas has in recent years. The city has responded by opening up many co-working spaces with private workstations and conference rooms available for rent by the hour. You can also work the day away at a local coffee shop, Magnolias Sous Le Pont or Halcyon, which offers free Wi-Fi and chill vibes perfect for focusing. In addition, you can get around the city using the Dallas Area Rapid Transit, also known as DART. So while you won’t commute to the office, you can still easily access popular destinations, such as the Dallas Zoo and DFW International Airport. Consider going with a nontraditional unit in a converted commercial building or a tiny home for your housing.

New York, New York

Although not the ideal place for the nomad who likes to relax, the Big City can be a massive boon for those developing their business. While not a cheap place to live, the multicultural atmosphere and time zone centrality make it a great place to do international business from afar. And you’ll eat great, too! The food is as diverse as the population, and the quality is impressive. You can also take in a Yankees game while you’re there. It’s the best of all worlds combined into a bustling hub of activity.

Boulder, Colorado

Recently, Boulder has been absorbing remote workers from the West Coast seeking a slower pace of life surrounded by endless outdoor activities. This Colorado city has all the perks of small-town living, including picturesque farmers’ markets, quiet residential neighbourhoods, and charming boutiques and small businesses. There’s also an abundance of housing options, thanks to the nearby university. You can find an apartment with flexible leasing agreements, so you have the freedom to move around as you please. Additionally, high-speed wireless internet is available to over 99% of Colorado residents, so you can hit the slopes and then hit send on that email without missing a beat.

Get Up and Go

Each of these cities has something to offer a digital nomad, more so if you have your family with you. Nomading is a unique and challenging lifestyle, but it’s also rewarding. If you’re starting as a digital nomad, it’s wise to set up a limited liability company (LLC) for yourself. It will make freelancing in many different states simpler on your taxes and reduce your liability. Before heading to unknown destinations, develop an outstanding banner for your social media accounts. This free banner maker can help you create one quickly using templates), and get some business cards made. You’ll want to promote your business through traditional socializing and digital marketing.

The future of work is here. As it becomes increasingly less critical to be tied to your desk in an office building, take advantage of your newfound freedom. Move to a city welcoming digital nomads like you.

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Written by Cody McBride for TriniInXisle

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