Trini Phrase: Quito-Quito

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Quito-Quito is a phrase used synonymously with BEHIND GOD BACK especially in reference to where someone lives.

  • Quito-Quito (n) – A distant place in the countryside. Very far away from town life or from any important or well-known place.

Quito-Quito – Caribbean Usage

The phrase Quito-Quito is an inoffensively jocular item used interchangeably with other phrases such as

  • We are behind God’s back in truth: no water, no phone, half a mile of hot sun from the main road.
  • OHEE-OHO, OH-HE-OH-HO (n) A distant place; a deep rural area; a mythical distant place referred to in folktales. Possibly French echo of calls between people in isolated areas. Also possibly influenced by the French word ohe a call to someone at a distance or BEHIND GOD BACK. He living ohee-oho or Quito-Quito
  • BEHIND GOD BACK (phrase) In a remote and isolated place; in the bush; the middle of nowhere. This phrase is sometimes objected to by religious people who say that no place is out of God’s sight. Girl you living behind god back, oui (Jones 1973:37)

Trini Phrases

Finally, the various words and phrases from Trinidad & Tobago can be traced back to English, French and Spanish origins. Quito-Quito is one such word that has its roots in the English language. Growing up in Trinidad and Tobago is interesting because the slangs can change over time. I have lived in the United States for 20 years now, and every time I travel back to Trinidad and Tobago, I have to reacquaint myself with the words and phrases that have evolved.

Oral Traditions

Trini folklore such as Papa Bois is an oral tradition meant to pass on the next generation’s stories.

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