Trinidad Poet: Lasana Philbert

The last time we highlighted Lasana on TriniInXisle, he had just concluded his inaugural book of poetry. He is a Trinidadian poet and is out now with a second collection of poetry. Enjoy!

New Book Release

Building upon the recent success of his first book titled Thoughts from an Isolated Soul, Lasana Philbert followed up with the release of his second book titled Reflections: Life in Hindsight. In this book, the Trinidad born self-published author shares his life stories and the people he met during his travels to different countries.

Unlike the poems in his first book, which were based upon his time residing in rural towns in upstate New York, the poems in this latest release have a more reflective mood attached to them. Some poems are sermon-like while others exude a slightly unbiased political undertone. However, the majority of poems in his new book are based on his observations of different cultures and life in general.

Local & Regional Exposure

When it comes to exposure, the author is making a local and regional name for himself. In April of 2019, he was featured on CCN TV6 Morning Edition; and most recently, he was featured in Trinidad and Tobago’s premier newspaper, The Daily Express (See the Trinidad Daily Express, October 13, 2020). Also, Caribbean Writers and Poets, an Instagram community dedicated to sharing authentic Caribbean literature, highlighted the author’s accomplishments. So he is slowly establishing himself as a writer, poet, and author in Trinidad and throughout the Caribbean.

Places his books are Sold

Despite his books being sold globally on Amazon, Barnes and Nobles (USA), Goodreads, and Ebay, just to name a few places, his books can be bought at–South Africa’s leading online store. Also, you can purchase his work at one of the best small bookstores in Trinidad, Scribbles and Quills Ltd., in Chaguanas.

Future Projects

The author is currently on his third book of poems and is also working on a self-publishing guide for aspiring writers. In closing, “Sana” as he is called, is very committed to his craft as a poet and writer; and his work testifies to this fact. He doesn’t write for money or recognition. He writes out of a love for it. It is part of his being, according to the Trini writer.

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