How To Have A Stress Free Vacation

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Having a stress free vacation is possible. Follow these five easy tips. As we embark on a trip to Europe, here are five tips for a stress free vacation.

Five Tips for a Stress Free Vacation

Taking a holiday can be a moment full of joy and togetherness, but it can be enormously stressful for anxious travellers. Brought to you by Trini In Xisle, here are five tips to consider this season for an unforgettable stress-free vacation, whether at home or somewhere enchanting, like Europe.

Secure Your Home

It would help if you took precautions to protect your home when you’re away, to ensure you have a stress free vacation. Try to create the illusion that you’re still at home by using timers for your lights. Make sure you leave a well-lit home. If you can, have a neighbour check on your home while you’re away, but avoid sharing any travel photos online. Your neighbour can pick up your newspaper and mail to help create the illusion that you’re still home. And before you go, if you have loaned out house keys or have any doors that need upgraded locks, search for a local professional locksmith to replace those locks before your departure. 

Take Your Comfort With You

No matter what your destination is, make sure that you’re comfy on your trip. Pack whatever soothes you. For some, it could be a pillow, a blanket, or a gadget. Also, pack a spare charger for your phone; not having access to your phone in a foreign area can make one uneasy.

The Early Bird

Whether you’re visiting relatives, taking a brief trip by yourself, or embarking upon a romantic escape with your loved one, all can benefit from planning to avoid a stressful travel experience. Booking early can save you a few dollars, as the price of flights increases as the departure date draws near. There is an abundance of websites that can assist you in procuring excellent deals. Once that’s dealt with, keep that early bird mindset for the trip itself. Arriving early at the airport – about two hours for domestic flights and longer for international – can help diminish your anxiety, as you never know just how long those security lines will be. Online check-in if you can.

Don’t Overextend Yourself

While planning can go a long way in reducing stress, it’s important to remember not to overextend yourself as you take your vacation. At the basic level, minimizing your baggage can help take a load off your shoulders, figuratively and literally. If you’re visiting relatives or friends, try to create as much free time as you can spare. Go to the movies, a spa, anything that can give you some respite from a hectic schedule. Remember, you don’t have to attend every function you’re invited to. Personal time will help you release any stress that builds up.

Go Further Afield

It might not be for all families, but consider travelling abroad, especially to Europe. A trip to Europe may run you into the thousands, but if you know what to do, you can end up saving exponentially on a trip that will give you fond memories for years to come. In addition, you can enjoy the many markets that Europe is known for. The gift of travel, especially to somewhere culturally rich like Europe, is priceless.

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Make your vacation as stress free and unforgettable as possible. Give yourself ample time for every aspect of your trip. Make sure your home is safe and secure while you’re away, take your comfort with you, don’t overextend yourself, and have a blast!

Written By Cody McBride

Featured Image: Photo by Chen Mizrach on Unsplash

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