Love and Support from a Distance: How Immigrants Can Help Family Back Home

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People who emigrate to another country often long to maintain contact with loved ones back home and offer support to their families and communities.

If you’re an immigrant who has recently moved to the United States, there are many ways to provide support from a distance, and thanks to tech advances, it is easier to stay in touch. And with the following tips from TriniInXisle, you can keep in touch with loved ones and offer support over the miles.

Emotional Support and Connection

Connecting with loved ones back home can be hugely beneficial and reassuring, and immigrants who stay in touch with family often experience more significant mental health outcomes. It’s mutually beneficial to stay connected, and there are plenty of ways to do so. The traditional contact methods such as phone and letter-writing are great options, as are modernized approaches like video chat. Being able to see the faces of loved ones makes long-distance connections much more personal and direct.

Sharing updates and words of support through text is another simple way to be present for your family back home. The Messenger app offers a great way to stay connected. It’s free and provides a spot to video chat and send messages and fun GIFs. Other ways to stay connected include playing a game or having a watch party online to view a favourite movie. 

In addition to maintaining a solid connection, many immigrants offer additional support through financial gifts. And just like technology has made it easy to stay in touch, it has also made it increasingly simple to send financial aid to loved ones back home.

Offering Financial Assistance

Often, the decision to move to another country is driven by financial need, especially if employment can benefit the family back home. However, sending a check is tricky, and cash can be easily lost or stolen. This is why many people opt to use a remittance service to send money home.

Other ways to offer financial support can include funding community projects back home or sponsoring a family for a particular need. To access additional financial aid, you could even create a website or a social media page that shares information about your hometown and country of origin. For example, you can blog about your culture and what you love about your country, as well as your personal immigration story. When people learn about the projects you are sponsoring back home, you may find that many wish to participate in supporting a worthy cause.

Many immigrants choose to open a business in the United States to support families back home. While there are several legal hoops to jump through, this can be a great way to settle in your new country as well as provide financial aid to your family overseas. Once you know the business you want to launch, all you need to do next is make a business plan, determine a business entity, register a business name, open a business account and hire staff.

Providing Goods and Services for Support

Even from afar, you can offer support through shipping gifts and hiring services to assist your family back home. Through online shopping, you can purchase items and have them shipped to your family anywhere in the world. You may even opt to have items auto-shipped regularly if you know what your loved ones need and don’t have access to. For example, suppose you know of services your family could benefit from, like carpentry, plumbing, or specialized nursing and medical care. In that case, you can also explore these options within your hometown and arrange for the work to be done for them.

Indeed, there are many ways to offer support over the miles and feel connected to your loved ones. Staying in touch and being of service from afar can make a big difference for you and your family.

Written By Cody McBride

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