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How to Plan the Couple’s Adventure Getaway of a Lifetime

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Are you and your significant other ready to plot a course for a top-notch couple’s adventure? Of course, travelling can be a boon to your relationship and your well-being, but did you know research shows that just planning a trip can make you feel good?

With that in mind, the sooner you get started, the sooner you get to start reaping the benefits of your trip. Whether you want to stay stateside, go beyond the borders into Canada or Mexico, or plan to visit Europe, there’s a lot to consider when it comes to an adventure getaway. This guide, presented by TriniInXisle, explains what you need to know before setting out on your journey.

Rugged Getaways Require Mental Readiness

Planning your trip is big fun, but it’s easy to get carried away. If you overestimate your abilities, time, or energy, you’re doomed for more misery than pleasure. To ensure you keep things on the positive side, Jungle Gear Malaysia recommends assessing your fitness level honestly. For example, the terrain you’re planning to tackle and the equipment you intend to use to ensure you’re ready and don’t get in over your head. 

For example, if you’re planning on thru-hiking the Pacific Coast Trail, you should prepare some day hikes and maybe a couple of overnights to make sure it’s all you envision. Then, head to an area with trails and camping similar to what you’ll encounter on your trip. Again, the test drive will tell you how ready you are!

Fitness, Fun, and First Aid

Whatever your regular fitness routine is, you might amp things up a bit before your trip. However, remember that you may be off your routine a bit when you arrive because getting to and from your destination can mean being cooped up and stiff. So if nothing else, Shape suggests adding some simple exercises to ward off soreness that might throw a kink into your plans. 

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Also, remember that certain situations can affect your athletic ability, like exercising at an altitude, swimming in freshwater, or booking a scuba diving trip. If you’re mountain hiking, biking, or climbing, some extra aerobic exercise will make your vacation activities physically more enjoyable. Freshwater swimming is more challenging than saltwater, as your body doesn’t feel as buoyant. Think your activities through, and prepare physically for what’s to come.

A little first aid training might be in order if you intend to be very far off the beaten track. You can take courses that teach you about everything from altitude sickness to hypothermia to heat exhaustion. Accidents do happen, and knowing what to do will give you confidence as you head into your trip—and can make the difference in coming back in one piece.

Couple’s Adventure: Preparing for the Road

If you’re driving to your couple’s adventure destination, you need to ensure your vehicle can handle the trip. Check your tire pressure, top off your windshield cleaner, and have your car serviced to ensure everything is in tip-top shape. Learn more about car maintenance needs and helpful gear, parts, and accessories to prepare for your trip.

Gearing Up and Planning for the Worst

Getting away from civilization and daily rigamarole can be a wonderful experience for the two of you. While preparing your mind and body are primary considerations, you’ll also want to be adequately outfitted well before your departure. Being far away from stores means no place to grab last-minute goodies or forgotten necessities, so be thoughtful in assembling and preparing your gear.

There are some basics many adventurers find helpful, like gloves, lighters, rain gear, and a compass. However, it’s also essential to pack comfortable and reliable clothing in several different situations; for example, if you don’t have a great pair of leggings, now’s the time to pick up a couple. Also, assemble a practical first aid kit for unforeseen incidents, and make sure your clothing is up to whatever activities you envision.

Similarly, your equipment and gear need to be ready for all you have in mind. That may mean some additions or upgrades. For instance, an angling adventure requires fishing gear. Likewise, backpackers might need a superior water filter. 

Be Prepared For Couple’s Adventure

It’s also essential to have a plan in an emergency. This could be a lost passport, a stolen wallet, a missed flight or even a broken ankle. There are always accident potentials, so you want to be prepared. Start by looking into travel insurance that will cover accidents and missed flights. Then make several copies of your passports; one to take with you and one to give to a friend or family member. Finally, think through all the aspects of your trip and what will keep you comfortable, safe, and having fun!

Are you ready to make some couple’s adventure memories together? First, make some plans! Assess your abilities, ensure you’re physically and mentally prepared, and gear up appropriately. It’ll be a blast if you think it through (and you can enjoy that pre-trip planning for your own couple’s adventure)!

Written by Cody McBride for TriniInXisle

Featured Photo by Annie Theby on Unsplash

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