Día 2: Ochi con tres amigos y mujeres increíbles

The second day is gearing up to be even more immeasurable than the first.  Take a look back at day one shenanigans. We had a great dinner on the first night with the newlyweds at the Manor House.

After dinner, the newlyweds retired to bed to get “some sleep”.   Waters and I continued onto the live show hosted by the resort.  Then onto the after party to dance and socialise.

People watching at the after party was entertaining.  Profoundly intoxicated folks were gyrating to the music about two paces out of time.   The all-inclusive alcohol working it’s magic on the tourists.  Everyone was getting their money’s worth.

The third Wynn came into the resort today for #HoneymoonCrashing2018!


With the crew reunited it was time for drinks on the beach and catching up on some olë talk.


We capped off the night with a Hibachi dinner with an all Jamaican cooking crew.


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The newlyweds:

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