Day 4: Sail Away with me…

Islands in the stream
That is what we are
No one in between
How can we be wrong
Sail away with me

Dey say the las’ lap is the best lap so make it count, so we decided to call in search and rescue! Today was supposed to offer a more low keyed day than the preceding days here on the resort. Lazing around on the beach, taking in the waves, sleeping and jus freeing up yuh self.  No special activities were planned today.

Chillaxing / Sleeping

That’s until someone -Dion- concludes we should go sailing without a qualified sailor from the resort staff.  How hard can this be?

Going out we were sailing at a leisurely fifteen knots travelling north with the Caribbean breeze behind our backs and whisking through our sails.

Then; it came time to turn the sailboat around and travel back to shore. We had assured the resort staff that we were qualified sailors which we were not.

In the process of trying to navigate the turn to head back to shore, the sails wouldn’t release, and the sailboat capsizes. All man overboard!

Needless to say, we had to be rescued! What had happened was, and I quote from the captain -Dion-

“we got broadsided by the wake of a Carnival cruise ship and had to be rescued by the Jamaican defence force.”

911, what’s your emergency?


With our feet firmly back on terra firma, it was time to link up with the newlyweds for our last meal and a visit to a speakeasy on the property.

A lovely, quite fun evening was had by all kicksin’ around and enjoying each other’s company at dinner.   The Devonish’s and the Charles’s retired to bed early for their travel day and Nikki, and I continued onto the Rabbit Hole for the speakeasy show.  The password for the show was…..”ooouch“, rolled off the tongue in a suggestive manner.


All good times come to an end, but we were grateful for the last couple days spent together.  Drinking, laughing, and sailing!

There are a couple of crucial Jamaican words and phrases we have learnt over the last couple days, which are

  • Yeah, mon! – Response to any question or comment. Responding in the affirmative.
  • Toooooo – Jamaican pronunciation of the word two.
  • Everything jus irie – A general term for good /cool /nice.

I will attempt to summarise our day by using these phrases in a sentence:

“Us tooooo believed that everything was irie when we were sailing until it wasn’t. Yeah, mon!”

If you just started following use check back to Day 1 to get caught up in the activities.

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