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Why did it take so long? Aftermath of Kavanaugh.

After following the #KavanaughHearings yesterday and hearing the predilections of numerous individuals challenging the efficacy of Dr Ford’s declaration the recurring question being asked is “Why did it take so long for her to come forward?”.

No humorous Trinidad slangs and sayings today because candidly, I am pissed.  So pissed that it’s disrupting my sleep and I am up in the middle of the night forming this blog post.  

Of the sexual violence crimes not reported to police from 2005-2010, the victim gave the following reasons for not reporting:

  • 20% feared retaliation
  • 13% believed the police would not do anything to help
  • 13% believed it was a personal matter
  • 8% reported to a different official
  • 8% believed it was not important enough to report
  • 7% did not want to get the perpetrator in trouble
  • 2% believed the police could not do anything to help
  • 30% gave another reason, or did not cite one reason

Source: Department of Justice, Office of Justice Programs, Bureau of Justice Statistics, Female Victims of Sexual Violence, 1994-2010 (2013)

No one knows, why Dr Ford did not come forward earlier, and no one should challenge her decision to remain hushed for three decades.  The only thing we comprehend for sure is someone perpetrated purgery yesterday at the hearing, and we have to ascertain who gains the most by not telling the truth.

We do know that most sexual assaults are perpetrated by men, especially white men.

Race of perpetrators of sexual violence

Several months ago I switched my political affiliation from Democrat to Independent because I believe both political parties are underestimating our intelligence when it comes to honesty and common sense.  The questions we should be asking our selves are:

Why is it taking so long for the United States Senate to be representative of the ethnic and gender reality of the United States population?

  • In the Anita Hill hearings of 1991, the Senate Judiciary Committee was all white and all male.
  • In 2018, of the 21  members of the Senate Judiciary, 16 are white males.   The 11 majority members are all white males.

Why is it taking so long for us as a society to recognise that white male privilege exists?

lindsey graham (white guy) telling brett kavanaugh (white guy) that he doesn’t need to apologise is LITERALLY how white male privilege works, right #KavanaughHearings.

White men occupy the highest positions in the race and gender hierarchy.  Thurs, they have the power to define their own reality and that of others.  The reality includes not only whose experiences are valid, but who is fundamentally valid.

Source: White Fragility: Why it’s so hard for white people to talk about racism.

Why is it taking so long for us to recognise that the Catholic church has a systemic problem with paedophilia and we shouldn’t blame the problem on “gay priests”!

#KavanaughHearings he’s citing his Catholicism as proof he’s not a rapist as if the #CatholicChurch hasn’t been openly raping for centuries.

Why is it taking so long for us to recognise and treat women equitably and similar to men?

Please try to imagine what the response would be if a woman came out yelling, then crying, then being incredibly sullen, condescending and talking over everyone. “Hysterical.” “Irrational.” “Emotional.” “Unqualified.” #KavanaughHearings.

Why is it taking so long for us to recognise that our criminal justice system is biased toward people of colour?

Kavanaugh is outraged he couldn’t defend his name the day after the allegations came out. I wonder how many people -mainly people of colour – who couldn’t afford bail are sitting in cells right now waiting months for a trial can understand #KavanaughHearings.

Why is it taking so long for us to treat each other fairly and talk opening about racial injustice?

Listening to Kavanaugh talk about his women friends reminds me of a racist saying “I can’t be racist because I have black friends.” #KavanaughHearings.

Why is it taking so long for us to realise politicians play games consistently?

Dear @ChuckGrassley about that “confirmation average time” and respect and decency….
Merrick Garland says Hi.

Vote in November, it’s your civic duty!  Dr Ford accomplished a heroic civic duty yesterday, it’s time you do yours!  You can’t and shouldn’t wait!

Register to vote by clicking here!

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